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Summary of Business

Summary of Operation

  1. Measures on Soil Contamination...Heavy metal insolubilization in soil
  2. Waste Recycling... Heavy metal insolubilization in waste and recycling
  3. Water Quality Improvement...Treatment of waste water with heavy metals in factory, construction site and mining field etc.

Heavy Metal Insoluble Material and Absorbent is Our Specialty

We are the group of professionals handling the heavy metal insoluble material and absorbent.
We have vast experience in both public and private projects. With these practical knowledge, we participate in a joint research with the independent administrative corporation, Publish Works Research Institute on "Join Research on Material Evaluation of Measures Method of Heavy Metals of natural origin in the Treatment in Embankments".

Examples of our past projects on insolubilization

Tunnel excavation60,000m3ArsenicEast Japan/Public
Tunnel excavation20,000m3Arsenic,LeadCentral Japan/Public
Former factory site15,000m3Arsenic,Lead,FluorineEast Japan/Public
Shields sludge7,500m3Arsenic,LeadKanto/Private
Sewage shields sludge16,000m3Arsenic,LeadKanto/Public
Sewage shields sludge5,000m3Arsenic,Lead,FluorineKanto/Public

And many others

Example of our development and planning projects on adsorption layer method

Tunnel excavationTotal VolumeOver 1 million m3Arsenic,SeleniumEast Japan/Public
Dam excavation20,000m3Arsenic,LeadEast Japan/Private
Tunnel excavation40,000m3Selenium,CadmiumEast Japan/Public
Tunnel excavation10,000m3ArsenicCentral Japan/Public
Tunnel excavation40,000m3ArsenicWest Japan/Public

And many others