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About Our Work

The Flow of Our Service At Kankyo Zairyo Engineering

We consult on general measures of soil contamination and water pollution with development of material to remediate heavy metal pollution with mineral as our core technology.
Not just on insolubilization, but we also provide the most sufficient solution on any soil contamination measures and removal of soil from excavation for your specific site.
We structure a recycling scheme including the exit scheme of the material, in addition to provision of heavy metal suppression materials such as coal ash, incinerated ash, gypsum waste.
With our immense experiences and wide range of network, we can propose the most suitable solution to your needs.

Planning and Investigation

Proposal of Pollution Risk Evaluation Method / Support on Risk Communication

  • Depending on sites, an evaluation method other than soil measure test (Continual dissolution test or Column test) may become of necessity.
    With our past experience with professional knowledge, we can propose proper report for administrative procedures, or measures for local residents
  • These evaluation tests are provided by our Hokkaido University lab staff.


Proposal of Suitable Method for the Site / Proposal of Measure Material and Field Applicability Test

  • We propose the most suitable measure method for your site.
    In consideration of risk management, our plan will include disposition of contaminated soil and dislocation out of the site.
  • Please send your test material of contaminated soil, wastewater or incinerated ash to our Hokkaido University lab.
    We will respond with the appropriate solution.


Proposal on Construction Method / Reporting on Onsite Management of Quality Control

  • We propose the construction method for the measure material to function most effectually.
    We can also advise on the quality control management of the site.

After Completing the Measure

Proposal on Monitoring Method / Provision of Guarantee

  • We propose the appropriate monitoring method for the site after the measures are completed.
    We will also provide ways to guarantee the measures.